Candy Crush Soda Cheats

The Soda continues to sweep the Candy Crush! It started a few years ago, when we saw people on public transport with their eyes glued to their smartphones and shifting and removing candy. It was over watching Facebook on the subway, it’s time to play Candy Crush. As the successful game has just arrived with a new edition, the Candy Crush Soda, are you stuck on some level? We leave you some Candy Crush Soda cheats and tricks to make life easier.

The truth is that Candy Crush Soda is a phenomenon that has devastated the entire world. People just go around and around begging for more life to keep playing without stop.

Candy Crush Soda Cheats

1. How to get endless lives

How to get endless lives
How to get endless lives

It is over losing dignity begging lives in half universe. From now on, when you are without lives, you only must go to the terminal settings and advance the time to cheat the game and win free lives.

2. Think about your strategy before using color bombs

The multicolored brown candies are one of the key tools to advance in the game, but think about how to use them before rushing to see the explosion of colors. They can be useful for destroying ice or cages appearing at different levels.

3. Always have the soda level higher than the teddy bear

The goal of some levels is to make the teddy bear or gummy bears reach the candy strip at the top of the screen. To do this, you must make the bear go up, but also that the level of soda. In order not to make movements in vain, always make sure that the level of soda is higher than the bear, in this way you will have more freedom of movement.

4.Eliminate the fish

The special pieces of the fish have a great power: when you remove, them they take with them one of the bottles of the board, raising the soda level. So, whenever you can, eliminate the fish pieces to accelerate the achievement of that screen.

5.Plain the way

There are levels that have obstacles, like the cupcakes. Before you start making candy combinations because it works, try to get rid of these obstacles so that the level objects flow. Thus, to eliminate the cupcakes simply make combinations of chips around it. From one to three plays – depending on the cupcake coating – will be enough to make them disappear.

Eliminating these obstacles will be especially useful in the levels that you must take to the bears to the top of the screen.

Plain the way
Plain the way

6.Make special parts combinations

In Candy Crush Soda Saga, many pieces are generated with special powers: some make you eliminate a row, others that disappear all the candy of the same color. These pieces alone are very useful, but if they are combined, they are even more.

For example, if you combine two striped candies, you will eliminate both a horizontal and a vertical row. Also if you combine candy striped with a colored ball, you will destroy many pieces of the level at the same time. Go try all the possible combinations and be surprised with the results.

Candy Crush Soda Cheats

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