Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Bring out the Fun with Candy Crush Jelly game free download for pc

If you are bored of watching the same sports game night after night and playing the same monotonous outdated game over and over, it is time to sweeten your PC with Candy Crush. A game suited for everybody looking for the sweetest fun. Keep reading to find out how to get some Candy Crush Jelly game free download for pc and not die trying. Candy Crush was launched as a “Saga” game which means that it is designed to offer layers and layers of candy-filled fun for you and yours.

You will find a game packed with candies, treats like you have never seen. Enjoy this sugary adventure that will bring you challenges in every level you face. So intriguing that will keep you wanting for more candy. The game interface is bright and colorful, including animations. Also visual effects and modules might appear basic but entertaining. Candy Crush is famous between players because it is addictive, entertaining, challenging and fun.


Its gameplay is very simple and easy to grasp. Almost no instructions are required to play Candy Crush. The game simply consists on matching three or more candy of the same type to add points to your own score. To match the candies you will be given a certain amount of movements per level which adds to the challenging feature of the game. The more candies you match, the better score you will receive. Also you will clear the level with fewer movements, earning bonus points.

This simplicity is what is driving players crazy about this game. Each colorful level promises a short and challenging chapter of fun that does not require special knowledge and training to complete. It is only required to have a PC.

Candy Crush Jelly
Candy Crush Jelly

How to get the Candy Crush Jelly game free download for pc safely

Candy Crush is designed to be played on almost any platform and by any person with desired of having fun. Despite of your age, job title, or social condition you can play it.

However, Candy Crush is free to download on your computer. There are no accounts, usernames or passwords required to access. Neither for the download and the installation process of the game. This constitutes another advantage on this game regarding its simplicity. In order to have the game installed in the PC, you will need an Internet connection to enter the main site of Microsoft, from where you will be able to download the game. Locate the search bar on the main page and type “Candy Crush”.

Next, in the results you will see an icon with the Candy Crush logo that you will click on. Following this selection, the next screen you will see is the game’s download page, where you will click on “Download” and follow the instructions to install the game just like any other software program that you install on your computer.

Finally, after completing the installation, the game will be ready for you. Play endless sugar-pack fun without the necessity of special tools or skills. Also join now to the Sugar club of Candy Crush gamers. Check out the Microsoft page for a free download of this game to sweeten up your PC!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga

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