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Candy Crush is a fun packed game by the British-based King. It’s designed to challenge your mind in a very sweet, colorful and tasty way. King has thought beyond the simple social media player to include the daily user who has other devices on hand. That is why they have released Candy crush game download for any of the popular platforms today available in the technological market.

What’s Candy Crush Soda?

This popular puzzle was born as a Facebook-based game as an offer for simple entertainment for the social platform. But it became so famous that it is now available to play it many other platforms.

Regarded to be one of the most addictive games in the world, Candy Crush owes its popularity to the simplicity of its gameplay. The secret of having so much success lies on having users to play short, colorful and challenging levels. Just on our mobile devices without needing an Internet connection. You don’t even need to have a specific user account, to pay to install or to upgrade or even have special skills to play it.

These characteristics coupled with the fact that can be downloaded and played on a mobile device makes users play at the bus stop, in the subway, on their lunch break or at any free moment available

Candy crush game download
Candy crush game download


Candy Crush is completely free to download. It is very simple and easy to grasp how to play it. The game consists on matching three or more candies to “crush” them and score points. Clearing each level, the difficulty will gradually grow. However the simplicity of the gameplay and the alluringly challenging aspect of the levels make this game attractive people of any age, occupation or dedication.

Further than going beyond the limits of age and social distinction, this game goes beyond the social platform that saw it come to life. Facebook is no longer the only platform supported for playing Candy Crush. You can also download it on iOS, Android. Also you can download it on Windows Phone and Windows 10. As an added bonus, players can continue their game session from different devices they own. This is thanks to the synchronization between devices.

If you are willing to spend little money, you could acquire the in-app purchases designed to enhance and improve gameplay. These further options include extra lives and boosters. These make harder levels easier to pass, and are fairly inexpensive with the highest levels having a cost of $4.99.

Candy Crush
Candy Crush

To download Candy Crush on any of the platforms listed we only need to log into the the respective applications markets. Following the simple instructions, we will have Candy Crush available on our smartphones and tablets, and even on our PC. For Android, log into the Google Play Store, and download the game like any other app. The same process goes for iOS devices.

If you are looking to have Candy Crush on your Iphone or Ipad, log into the App Store and download the game. For Windows, the process is even simpler since you only have to enter Next you need to type “Candy Crush” on the search bar. Finally download the game to your PC (currently only supporting Windows 10) and to your Windows Phone.

Candy Crush Game Unload

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