How to Game Candy Crush Saga of Google Play

Candy Crush is the most popular puzzle game by King. Initially, for social media platforms. However, the unstoppable success has made the sweet developers to push for other platforms, like Android. Now everybody is having a blast with this matching sweetness of fun in their smartphones. But beyond the simple download from the Google Play Store, there is another possibility to get ahead in the candy game. You can get the chance to download game candy crush Apk file. Jump ahead of many obstacles towards great advantages.

What is Candy Crush
What is Candy Crush

I Can not Download Candy Crush Apps on PlayStore?

Candy Crush has been a very much acclaimed puzzle game. The simplicity of its gameplay makes it appealing for every user of any age, gender, location or any condition you can imagine. You only need to match three or more candy together to earn points in each level. Each one with a new challenge that keeps everybody wanting for more.

They want so much more that want to have it on the go. But what happens when you do not have access to the Play Store? Or you own another Android device that is not exactly configured for having an Internet connection? The solution might not seem as simple as the game, but it is: an Apk file.

Since Android is basically an operative system, it has a file system. As Windows possess an .exe extension for their software program installation files, Android possess an .apk extension.

This means that every app comes in an apk file, and we can use that file to install any app on our phones, without logging into the Play Store. This fact is a major advantage for those who cannot login into the Play Store, whether because they have forgotten their login information or the Store is giving them problems to download the desired app.

Where to Download game candy crush Apk file?

Download game candy crush Apk file
Download game candy crush Apk file

To download the installation file for Candy Crush, first you will need to open your web browser. This can be done from your smartphone or from any PC with an Internet connection. One way of getting this apk file is by making a search with the following words “Candy Crush” and “apk”. This will display a list of websites that are dedicated to the hosting of these files. Think of it as a “parallel market”.

2nd option

Another way of reaching this file is typing the address of a truly reliable website hosting apk files that you trust. This is where we warn about these pages, for there are many very reliable sources. Others that are very dubious and finally, many of these sites are only hosts for viruses waiting to infect someone. That is why you should exercise extreme care when treading through these pages. Usually, UptoDown and ApkMirror are realiable sources of apk files, and it has not received any complaints as of yet.

After you download this apk file, you need to launch it to install Candy Crush. If you downloaded it on your phone, go to the “Downloads” folder of your device and launch the app. If you used the pc to search this file, you must copy the downloaded apk file onto your phone’s SD card or internal storage.